Rent a car in Haiti in summer time

Today it is possible to rent a car by the day, by the hour, and even test car-sharing in some large European cities. But in car rental Haiti is only by the day.

If renting a car in Haiti is easier now, thanks to the Internet, the Web has not removed the jungle from the rates and formulas where everything is not necessarily understood. We will review the details, tips and tricks before your big holidays in Haiti.

Car rental in haiti

Has the car rental, defector of the business world, expensive and complicated, has it lived? A revolution is on the way, coming, once again, from the Internet. “The Web has changed the situation, in particular by simplifying the reservation. It also draws a 25-35-year-old clientele that until now was unusual in car rental, “said André Gallin, Hertz franchise director and president of the CNPA (National Automobile Professions) .

Leaving the property, these young customers are simply “consumers” of automobiles. Sensitive to promotions, they do not hesitate to decide at the last moment. “More than 30% of them book less than 24 hours in advance,” remark André Gallin. The traditional universe of rental companies, set after the Second World War and dominated by the Avis, Hertz and Europcar, has to adapt to forced march to new technologies. But the old habits do not disappear overnight.

Internet has not made the car rental transparent, even when it comes to “all-inclusive packages” studied for vacationers. It is still a tariff jungle in which even a lion has trouble finding his young. First advice: also use the computer to compare the different benefits. If you are going to Haiti, do not hesitate to take a tour on the local site of the rental car companies in Haiti, where the prices can sometimes prove to be more advantageous. No computer, or not want to embark on the hulling of a database? Any travel agent can help you find yourself in this marquis.

Attention to the cost of insurance ($12 to $24 per day at Avis for “theft and accident”) if it is not taken into account by a credit card, and to the limitations of mileage, more frequent in Haiti than in the rest of the Caribbean.

Because, like the airlines, car rental companies use yield management (“flexible rates”) to optimize their turnover. In short, the earlier you book, the less you pay. “The economy can be in the order of 30% for a booking made one month in advance,” confirms Sonia Sadrack, Marketing Director and Customer Relations at Asus Rent a Car in Haiti. We can now rent a car by the day (from $30 at Asus rent a car). As an indication, a small vehicle, such as a Suzuki SX4, is negotiated at around $800 for the month of July, and a monospace, a little less than double, for a maximum authorized mileage of about 4000 km for the big tenants.

Cars rented in Haiti during the holidays are not the same as during the rest of the year, and it will also be necessary to book as soon as possible the 7-seat minivan or the 9-seater van to take the whole tribe to the sea. Holidays are also a good excuse to ride different. Asus rent a car, is the leading specialist in off-road or cheap SUVs. “Besides the most beautiful Japanese models, we also offer small SUVs.



Rent a Car In Haiti To Explore The Beautiful Island

Haiti is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of this island by renting a car in Haiti from a car rental company. Car rentals in Haiti provides you with a wide selection of cars ranging from the luxurious to low budget cars which could add great comfort to your holiday on the island.

Car rental companies in Haiti provide cars for individuals and families which are luxurious, comfortable and very economical. Haiti has many car rental companies and agencies that offer rental cars through the internet. One the company, Asus rent-a-car have made car renting process very easy as they coming up with better solutions to fulfil customer’s needs. They can deliver and collect vehicles at any place in Port-au-Prince, including airports, ports and hotels.

With a rental car in Haiti you can reach all the exotic locations such as Kenscoff, Le cote des Arcadins, Bassin Blue and many more. Not all of the car rental companies in Haiti offer 24 hours assistance as well as insurance which cover damages in case of an accident, but Asus rent a car has a 24 hrs number. They also provide theft, fire and personal accident insurances. Car rental in Haiti is tailored to meet your needs. They provide free baby seat and child chair and also allow your pets in the car.

Driving in Haiti is very easy if visitors have map of Haiti Island. You can get a map of Haiti Island for free from the car rental company which will help you to explore Haiti. In Haiti, visitors can find sufficient parking spaces. Haiti is a wonderful place where visitors can rent a car to see mountains, archaeological sites, aquariums, monuments and forts.

Renting a car is better than using public transportation as travelers do not have to stick to the rigid public transport timetables. Rental cars allow travelers a flexible and independent experience while spending holidays in Haiti. Travelers can go anywhere they want at any time. Travelling in a personal car can provide enough time to take videos and photos of the beautiful locations. Thus, car rental in Haiti provides the visitors more freedom of movement all around the Haiti Island.

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